INUR was taken from the word inure. The definition is: to be of use, benefit, or advantage to others. Having spent many years working at a major Entertainment company in Los Angeles, CA the core group at INUR has spent time seeing both the good and bad that comes from being a part of such a large corporate environment. Much knowledge was gained by learning from those that have been in the media business for many years. We also learned that creating an environment were people can do the best work possible is not always valued. We simply wanted to use our skills to benefit others and to create a company that believes what we are doing can be of use to you. We would like our customers to want what we provide so it can benefit them.

Determined to do it better, we launched in 2012 with one idea in mind, creating quality content. Now in 2014 we are expanding. This year we will expand our business to include tape to file transferring, digital archiving, and online media distribution services.

Our philosophy is simple we do things with your benefit in mind.